Non-USPAP Compliant Evaluations

We are here to serve your non-USPAP compliant real estate evaluation needs throughout the State of Indiana. Federally regulated financial institutions are permitted to use evaluations for the following transaction types:

  1. Commercial real estate (CRE) transactions with a transaction value less than $500,000.

  2. Any real estate related financial transaction with a transaction value less than $250,000.

  3. Qualified business loans with a transaction value less than $1M—These are generally owner-occupied business loans where a lien on the real estate is taken in addition to other collateral (PP&E, receivable, owners’ personal real property, etc.)

  4. Subsequent transactions (i.e., refinances) where there is no advancement of new monies (other than for closing costs) and there has been no material change in the market conditions affecting the real property since the last transaction.